All about me !!!

Growing up I was never allowed a dog of my own but I loved them. My nan owned the most amazing German Shepherd. It was this dog that sparked my passion for not just dogs but all animals. I finally got my first dog at the age of eighteen. I soon fell in love with my little mongrel. He was the light of my life.

As my life moved on and middle management loomed heavy along with office politics I knew this was not the life I wanted. I needed something new, something heart warming and something that I loved. Our first staffy Dolly had come in to our lives as a small puppy and she was absolutely amazing. It was this little dog that put me on the path I am on now. Dolly was my total inspiration to start dog walking. A walk around Leybourne Lakes with a friend sparked the idea and away I went with research and a heart full of excitement and anticipation.

On June 23rd 2011, Hawkes Walks was launched. I worked hard to start my little business and I am now doing the best job in the world. This job ….. I do not actually call it “my job” my dog walking brings joy to my life every day. All those different faces and personalities are a joy to behold.

For me my business is all about creating a family. My small team are all chosen with their care and compassion for the love of animals in mind. For myself and the team, this job has never been about the money. It is the love of the animals and having a wonderful life, dog walking harmony and balance.

Tracy Hawkes